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Alright guys, I decided that I would be a patriotic bitch today, and write about 10 crazy things you could do for this Independence day!

10. Independence Shots!
-Nothing says Murica! Like Jello, Alcohol, and the good ole’ red, white and blue!

9. Get drunk, dress up like our four fathers, and go out in public!
-Careful with this one, public intoxication could lead you to sit in a drunk tank for 12 hours! No one wants that on fucking Independence Day!

8. Protest……by drinking Murican made alcohols!
-Jack and coke! Good ole’ Whiskey for the old country side of ya!

7. Watch fireworks!
-Add some marijuana for a much more pleasant experience. Careful with that too, Jails a MoFo! (Unless you live in Colorado….then smoke up!)

6. Attend a good ole’ Murican BBQ.
-Theres always beer at those.

5. Host an Independence day party!
-Theres no such thing, as too much R,W,&B on this day. Also alcohol.

4. You and a ton of friends dress up like your from colonial times and put on your own mini parade!
-You will probably be the talk of the town for a while! Add a bit of intoxication for a much more entertaining parade.

3. Light em up!
-Put on a firework show if the town you’re in doesn’t!
-This could be a lot of fun! Make sure you’re allowed to pop fireworks first before you go off doing some illegal shit! Also….alcohol.

2. If you’re a guy, wear the star spangled banner as pants, if you’re a chick wear it as a dress!
-Go to clubs and parties like this, get wasted, and feel free to hook up with people by the end of the night…remember….INDEPENDENCE!

1.Run down the street naked, but be painted R,W,&B!
-If you’re daring, do it sober, if not, get wasted and blame the alcohol!, again, public nudity is illegal, but hey, INDEPENDENCE!

(I do not condone illegal activities, but hey….I won’t stop you c;)

-Jay c:


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