Bucket List c:

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So I decided to follow in suit with Glittr and her bucket list. So yeah the top 50 things I want to do before I die c: I’ll check the ones I have already done. (most of these are from a list I’ve had for a while) wanna know the story behind one of the ones I’ve already done? Submit it to our email and I’ll post the story.

2.Smoke weed from a bong.
3.Camp in the mountains.
4.Take a ride on the U.S.S. Enterprise! (Nerdgasm!)
5.Bungee Jump!✔
6.Kiss a girl✔
7.Hash brownies anyone?
8.Pop a molly
9.Celebrate a New Years in NYC!
10.Get fucked up on New Years!
11.Have a hardcore weekend in VEGAS!
12.Sex on the beach c;
13.Own a bookstore.
14.Meet the cast of Star Trek and Star Wars. (bigger nerdgasm!)
15.Hop in the car for an unplanned trip to an unknown location and PARTY!
16.Be an extra for a movie
17.Star in a play!✔
18.Watch every episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S
19.Attend Warped Tour!✔
20.Lay under the stars all night.
21.Witness a solar eclipse!
22.Witness a lunar eclipse✔
23.Go to every destination on my travel list!
24.Start a YouTube channel.
25.Meet the President.
26.Marry Chris Pine!✔
(In my head I’ve already done that c:)
27.Write a play.
28.Write a book.✔
29.Own a boat.
30.Live in NYC for at least a year.
31.Go to a club.✔
32.Throw a party!✔
33.Risk my life in a crazy fucking adventure!
34.Travel to Africa for 6 months to help children.
35.Start a blog.✔
36.Get an apartment.
37.Write some Fanfiction.✔
38.Pie someone in the face!✔
39.Have NO! Children.✔ (succeeding so far)
40.Do a paranormal investigation.
41.Throw a killer 21st Birthday!
42.Have random sex with a really hot guy I don’t know, then never see each other again (A.K.A One night stand)
43.Sex with Megan Fox. (IDGAF!)
44.Run int a random celeb in L.A.
45.Attend a concert as the V.I.P!
46.Start a band, have a hit, then randomly break up.
47.Get murried.✔ (Like I said. I’m married to Chris Pine in my head.)
48.Run a marathon.
49.Catch a homerun baseball at a pro game.
50.Read 15 books in a summer!✔

-Jay c:


2 thoughts on “Bucket List c:

    TheAnonymoUS_4 responded:
    11/11/2013 at 6:30 PM

    Hey u can check one off -glittr

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