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Okay guys, so I have had my fair share of hangovers through high school, and a few……dozen times in college. They fucking suck! Its like someone hit you with a car going 100 miles an hour! I remember this one time for my 18th birthday, I got so drunk that night, I was talking about fairies…fucking fairies?! When I woke up the next morning, I thought I hallucinated that part of the night, but nope, my mind projects fairies when I’m drunk. Then that morning, my head was hurting so bad really just wanted to cut it off! My stomach hurt really bad, and I swear I threw up at least 6 times that night (Fruit punch and vanilla vodka don’t mix guys). So I bet you guys are wondering….okay a hangover…..your fucking point please?! Well impatient reader, I am going to share with you my ultimate hangover cure!

Step 1: if you have access to a shower, take a cold one. Your blood thins and you get hotter as you drink, so the cool water will help you feel refreshed and hopefully a bit more energized to move on to phase 2. Also don’t be afraid to take a 45 minute shower. It feels great.

Step 2: Brew a cup of hot coffee (or tea if you’re not a coffee drinker). Make it how you please and DOWN IT! Not fast enough to where you start to get sick, but fast enough to where you start to feel a bit more relaxed and you can start getting ready for your day.

Step 3: Cook/Buy a greasy breakfast. Some people tend to disagree with me on this, but it seriously helps me. I usually do eggs, bacon/sausage, hash browns, and a waffle to help soak up some alcohol. (Pancakes are also a good substitute.)

Hope you try it out. I’m curious to know what your hangover cure is? Let me know!

-Jay c:


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