Fuckk The H8ers

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“Skank, slut, tease, ugly, toss up, virgin” All girls have been talked shit about at least once in our life. We’re either slutty for having sex, prude for not having sex, a bitch if were honest, fake if were polite….we just can’t win. I think we should just say, “Fuck You!” to all the haters and get it over with. You’re never gonna please everyone and trying will only make you unhappy. Be whatever and whoever you wanna be and don’t care about the opinions of others. As long as you’re happy with yourself you’re doing right by you.

And for the record ladies, can we quit shit talking each other? I know I for one am very guilty of this shit talking myself, but it has to stop! We gotta start lifting one another up. Why should you have the right to judge someone when you have your own flaws? I know saying this is putting me at risk for sounding like a after school special, but it must be said! Anyways below is my favorite quote.





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