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Alright, so this is a topic that’s been on my mind for a while……Parents.

So as I was graduating from high school, my dad had this weird thought (I was also getting ready to turn 18), that I happened to be his property. So as any parent he tried to reign me in on a fucking leash. Really? Trying to control your recently graduated/just turned 18 daughter? So as you can imagine, the odds were not in his favor. So he then started to tell me what I WAS going to study in college instead of what I SHOULD study in college. For a little while there, I was actually going to study nursing. I figured I would help people and yada yada yada. One day I had to go to the hospital with my mother, as soon as I walked through the doors of that hospital, I realized I can’t fucking do this? I’m not nurse material. I fucking HATE HOSPITALS! Their nothing but sadness and death coated in a layer of fake happiness. (no offence to those who work in the medical field, I appreciate you.) I dreaded the fact that I chose such a boring life choice, agreeing with my father and society and their views of what’s successful and what’s not. I decided to go with what I love, writing. I changed my major to journalism right before I started my spring semester (which happened to be my first semester, I took a break from school after high school) to this day, my father still doesn’t know that I changed it. Now how do you think I feel about that situation? Honestly, I found absolutely no fucks to give. Screw it. If he can’t see that I would be miserable my entire life doing something I’m not cut out for because of his pure lust to control my life, then FUCK IT! Now what should we take away from this story? Guys its okay to want a different path for your life than your parents might want. Sometimes you just have to think about yourself and what you want. Honestly, no one knows you better than yourself, you are holding the pen to your blank book. Others are just looking over your shoulders.

-Jay c:


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