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Ok so yesterday I got busted for smoking weed hence my inspiration for this post. I don’t smoke super often maybe once a week here recently (though im stopping for a few months now at least until I go back to college). I got caught because while my phone was on the charger I got a text about buying weed and my mom read it. She took it way better than expected, but needless to say im grounded. I actually saw her watching a TV show documentary about people addicted to drugs this morning. Talk about over reacting.
Honestly I don’t see the harm in weed. The only reason I ever felt bad about it was hiding it from my mom and lying about it. Compared to other legal alternatives I think it’s pretty safe for any consenting adult. Most researchers actually find it safer than cigarettes, it’s less addictive and no one has ever died from smoking weed alone (do the research for yourself, i’m not Google). Plus I’ve never got a hangover from smoking. Drinking on the other hand…



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