Beards and Stuff

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To be honest I thought thought the first time I had sex I was dammed. The next day I came into class they decided to talk about sex and STDS. It freaked me out but not enough to make me stop. Before tenth grade I wanted nothing to do with sex, But boys stared growing beards and mustaches and all that changed. I found out later why I thought sex was gross. Not growing up with Megan fox feature made me self conscious. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror but with the help of some really great friends I worked past that. With my new found confidence I started to date around and soon found myself talking to guys that only wanted sex. At the time I thought they were pigs but now I see they were just boys. The scary part about it was I wanted just to have sex too. But I don’t think no one wants to come off as a slut. At the end of the day I never really fully enjoyed my first time. I was thinking to much instead of living in that moment. I dont wish I could do it over again. But to all the virgins or even the regulars, don’t think to much. -hello A


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