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Shitty Decisions and Bad News -Glittr

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Haven’t gave much of an update on my life so here are the highlights:
-I had shitty grades last semester. No really i simply gave up and stopped going. I literally made all f’s. How the fuck does that happen? Oh right.
-My pipe broke. Tragic I know. So my collection now consists of: a bong named Aqua’nisha, a bong i gave sole custody to Jay named Penelope, a broken pipe, a hookah named Genie. My first pipe has been missing for years now.
-This is old news now but i got fired from my job for smoking weed on the patio. It was so fucking stupid but no customers were buying and the employees were in the back. Isn’t that awesome sauce. They fired me based off a customer complaint about it. Needless to say at least i learned my lesson smoking at work.
-Back in classes now. Im taking a class called beverage survey where you get to try all type of wine and beers n other drinks. Im also retaking a few classes this semester.
Take lots of illegal drugs and drink 3 gallons of watee a day!


My High Diaries

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Hey guys! So I was going through an old journal, and found the most interesting addition to it. I decided to share this with you word for glorious word!

Slim Jim Madness

I’m sitting on my bed high out of my fucking mind leme tell you. Laying In front of me I had a sprite, king size kit kat, a bag of ranch doritos, and a monster size original slim Jim. As I was deciding on what to eat first, I instinctively went to the slim Jim. Do not ask me “why not the chocolate?!” I don’t fucking know bitch! I was feeling the slim Jim! Anyways, off topic! So yeah, I slowly unwrapped the slim Jim, sort of like a movie scene started in my head. The slim Jim’s were ALIVE! Yeas ALIVE! But they weren’t Sold anywhere but the U.S. Everyone said they should sell in other countries, but the slim jims said “NO! FUCK YOU! USA! USA!” Then everyone got angrier (including Americans) then all out civil war irrupted! Thousands of humans and slim jims alike DEAD! Then one day, the great-great-great-great-great grandfathers grandson was king of the slim jims and said “WE WILL GO INTERNATIONAL!” And the world then ended all wars, and they all held hands by the fire singing Kumbya! Boom! World peace!

Alright guys! My solution to world peace…slim Jim civil war.

I haven’t written a weed related post In a while…it’s like amazing reminiscing on old times 🙂

-Jay c:

P.S got any strange stoner moments? Share them in the comments!

What if?

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What if you were told, you only have 1 hour left to live? Not a day. Not a week. Not a year. An hour. Here’s the catch, you can’t tell anyone you only have an hour left to live, you just have to keep going, and pretend you’re not going to die. I bet most of you would say spend it with your loved ones, or do something you enjoy. Wanna know what I would do? Watch as much Friends on Netflix as I could before I died. Why you may ask? Ask yourself this…why not? What in the world could you possibly accomplish in an hour? I guess 3 episodes of Friends, and all the junk food I could eat is my answer :p

Haha. Bet you guys thought I was serious! I was joking! If I really only had an hour, I’d spend it enjoying the little things, like the warmth of the sun on my cheeks, or the way my hair sticks to my forehead in the rain, or maybe the way the people I love laughed, or the sound of his voice. I would spend every 60 minutes enjoying the way the world turns on its axis, the way the wind blows the tall grass, making it dance. The way the trees smell. The enjoyment of watching the fluffy clouds roll across the skies. If I could do all of that in an hour, I would die happy 🙂

-Jay c:

P.S. Guys! Spam the hell out of this and get Glittr to get her lazy ass to write some blogs! I can’t maintain this myself! Sorry I don’t post as much as I want to, I try to do what I can! I’m thinking of maybe starting up a solo blog! Guys let me know if you’d be interested in “The Misadventures of Jay” or something cute like that. Now that won’t stop me from writing on here! I’ll still post on this blog maybe twice a month like I do now, but I wanna like, try something new 🙂 let me know what you guys think. I’m interested!


6 Months Ago

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Today, January 11, 2015 marks 6 months since my release from a Behavioral Hospital for an attempted suicide. I’m proud to call myself a survivor. For years I’ve suffered from Panic Attacks that would last for up to 20 minutes, feeling so dark and down that I felt cutting my wrists was the only way for me to feel something other than…well….nothing. I felt hallow and empty. Like there was nothing in the world that could save me. Absolutely nothing. I ate maybe 1 meal a day, slept for 12 hours, barely talked to anyone about how I felt inside. Instead I kept it hidden. Kept it inside. I let my Depression get the best of me. I hid behind a bright smile, and sarcastic humor, drowned my feelings in anything I could really get my hands on. I look back on myself back then and I cannot believe that I was so broken. It’s a miracle I was even able to put myself back together. With the help of my family and friends…I’m not completely whole again I admit, but I’m 1 step closer to happiness.

-Jay c:

P.S if you know or feel someone you know is suffering from anxiety or depression, do not let it go. Please help them get help. It really is a terrible and heart wrenching disease to get through, and they can’t do it alone.


Dear 2014

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Dear 2014,

We’ve had our differences, our ups and downs, our trials and tribulations, but there have been a few things I want to say before I really let you go. First of all, you were the hardest year of my life, but a necessary evil. Accepting my mental health issues, and waking up to the monster inside slowly brought light to my darkened soul. It was a tough road, and looking back on my journey through Anxiety and Depression I see how much of myself I’ve conquered, and how much better my life has been since my diagnosis day. Day by day I slowly climb my Mt Everest. I know it could possibly be a life long battle, but as long as I’m not as dark as I used to be, I’m okay with that. You never truly know how fucked up you are, until you try to take your own life. Thankfully, I’m still here to reminisce on you, and I am eternally grateful that I lived. Now enough about the bad parts of 2014 and let’s reminisce on the good times. I discovered my favorite author, John Green. I found myself through the darkness. My best friend had a baby :). Another ones engaged. I moved to California. Even though there’s plenty more things to love about you 2014, I still have to let you go. So, without further or do, I say goodbye to my best and worst times of 2014, and say hello to all 2015 has to offer.

Jay c:


Dab Game :)

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Okay guys, so I’ve never had a Dab, and i was hanging with a few of my Cali friends (that’s what I’m calling them, Cali friends, and Texas Friends so you’re not confused) and we decided to go over to another’s friends house to smoke and drink. Well I thought we were smoking green, turns out they were smoking wax……I said “Hell yeah!” Now I’ve never done it before so they helped me out. It came time for me to finally take the hit annnnd! It was so easy. I was expecting some major coughing action or something I mean it was bullshit. I will say, 2 seconds later…literally, 2 seconds, I was on cloud 9. So I decided let’s take another one. That’s where I made the mistake. Guys…please if you’re dabbing for the first time…let the first hit sink in. They thought they gave me a pussy hit the first time, so they just about tripled the amount on the pin. I said “I’m not smoking all of that” cause that was a big ass dab. He said “I won’t put it all in there.” Okay. I go to hit it, he puts the wax on the hot part of the bowl (don’t know what their called on a wax piece) and when he went to remove it, a huge piece of wax fell into the bowl. Never have my lungs burned so bad. I didn’t cough though. I’ll say that much, but when I released that smoke. It looked like it could be a rain cloud. Now I barely remember the whole night….I was that high.

-Jay c:

P.S Got any wax stories?

I Decided

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I decided, all I want is a fuck buddy. I’m over dating. It’s over rated and boring. I’m on the hunt. 🙂

-Jay c: